‘Mothercraft’ on timetable at Hopefield

“Mothercraft” was on the timetable for teenage girls at Hopefield Secondary School, Newtownabbey, in May 1968.

The course was introduced by 27-year-old former domestic science teacher Eileen Irvine.

Classes covered topics ranging from dating to baby care and home management.

The pupils were also taken on trips to workplaces including a local laundry and insurance office.

Mrs Irvine brought her own baby to class to give the girls practice in bathing and changing nappies.

She said: “We cover all aspects of personal and family problems and the girls are very responsive.

“This short course is an introduction to the realities of modern living and interests young adults in another, the world of work.

“It also enables her to take her place in the community as a responsible citizen and a future home maker.

“Our headmaster Mr. Black is very forward-thinking.”

The course also included a visit to her own home where the students were introduced to home management.

They learned how to carry out tasks such as vacuuming, tackling family laundry, wash windows and light a fire.