MP sets out plans for the growth and expansion of Ballyclare

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An MP stated that the growth of Ballyclare would bring expansion in January 1971.

Anne Dickson, who was the MP for Carrick, explained to members of the Ballyclare Development Association the differences there would have been between the proposed form of local government in the Macrory Report and the old-style that still existed.

She said that the towns and villages that surrounded Ballyclare, which were under the control of Antrim and Ballymena at the time, should be brought in with Ballyclare and that the town should be considered central to the area.

“In the future there can only be expansion, the town is growing and some new industries will appear, shops and farms will do more trade and the area will become more prosperous,” she said.

She added that a clean air order needed to be brought in, as well as the introduction of a proper dump for the town. The MP also said that improvements needed to be brought in for both health and education.

Members of the association also discussed the policing situation in the region.

Mrs Dickson said that she wanted to find out the views of the residents in Ballyclare, before she addressed Stormont.