Newtownabbey bakes in heatwave

Newtownabbey has been basking in the glorious sunshine throughout the past fortnight and the heatwave looks set to continue through the weekend.

Local people have seemingly been buying in bulk ice cream and barbecue food with local retailers reporting a boom in sales as temperatures soared to nearly 30 degrees.

Local people enjoying the sun at the Loughshore. INNT 30-600con

Local people enjoying the sun at the Loughshore. INNT 30-600con

In Loughshore it’s thought thousands of people have flocked to the popular seaside destination to enjoy the sun and the refreshing cool breeze coming off the lough.

Jessica Beckett, from the Barista coffee shop at Loughshore said such were the queues they had ran out of ice cream twice this week.

She said: “We had to rush in emergency supplies to restock.

“Our most popular ice cream flavour is probably honeycomb and vanilla and that’s not hard to understand because it’s our nicest one and my favourite.

“We’ve been run off our feet and the good weather is supposed to continue until the end of July which is good for us, but very tough to work in with the heat.”

Glengormley butcher, Alastair Bonar of Nesbitt’s Quality Meats said burgers, steaks, sausages and kebabs had been very popular.

“A lot of people have been in stocking up for the barbecue. We also have baps and rolls and they have been very popular,” said Alastair.

“Since the horse meat scandal we have been busy. People are more trusting of the butcher because all our stock is locally sourced, farm assured and prepared right here in the shop.

“It’s warm, but sure what could be nicer than a lovely steak sizzling on the grill?” However, the sustained level of high heat has led to a number of warnings about dangers to health.

Charities have urged people to be on the look out for their elderly and vulnerable neighbours during the heat which can have as much a toll on their health as the cold.

People have also been warned of the dangers of playing or swimming in quarries or lakes and not to leave children or animals in cars.