Newtownabbey bride-to-be would not beat about the bush

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A 21-year-old bride-to-be from Rushpark in Newtownabbey was worried she would have to leave her home through the back door on her wedding day in August, 1985.

The young woman who was soon to be wed, was afraid that her big day would get off to a bad start because she could not leave her home through the front door because of overgrown trees.

Instead, she would have to walk through the kitchen and out the back door, while trying not to get her dress caught up. She would also have to contend with the rubbish bins and try not to trip on them.

Her family had tried to contact the relevant authorities about the issue, but the Department Of the Environment said that the matter was not their responsibility, and had said it was an issue for the Housing Executive.

Residents said that the trees in question had not been cut or trimmed in over three years, and hoped that the problem would soon be resolved.

After the Times made enquiries into the issue of the overgrown trees, the relevant parties said that the trees would be cut in the foreseeable future, which was hopefully in time for the young woman’s wedding.