Plant out summer bedding and baskets

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

Now is the time to inject some colour into the garden with summer bedding plants, with the likelihood of late frost behind us.

We grow all our own bedding plants at Inver, so no travelling involved and we grow them with no heat so a cold night should not harm them.

First, make sure the soil is free from weeds and a little trick to encourage slugs to the surface is to water the area and then kill them with pellets.

Most bedding should be spaced 20-30cm apart. Give a good feed (we recommend Westland Container & Basket Compost. Keep well watered and apply a high potash feed every 10-14 days. Dead head to stimulate new flowers.

We have a wide range of bedding plants for hanging baskets, grouped together for ease of choice. Once again Westland Container & Basket compost is the best to fill the hanging baskets, with extra potash and water retention granules.

Watering is key. Check twice a day. Don’t assume because it has rained thatthe baskets are wet, as foliage acts like an umbrella and prevents water reaching the compost. A good idea is to stick your finger into the compost and see if it is wet.

Baskets should be taken down frequently to check for dead flowers and for watering.