Pupils lives put at risk by lack of patrol attendant on Fairview Road

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A resident claimed that the lack of a crossing patrol on the Fairview Road was putting hundreds of schoolchildren at risk in January 1986.

Mrs Sheila Burns’ three grandchildren attended Ballyduff Primary. She said that the pupils were without a patrol for a week before the Christmas break when the regular “lollipop man” left his post.

Parents were then shocked to discover that the vacancy had not been filled when the children returned after Christmas.

“I was walking past the school on Monday morning and I was just in time to stop two young children from running out into the road in front of traffic.

“I have complained about the issue to the police and the Education Board, but they haven’t been able to do anything. If they don’t get another patrol man immediately, I will stand in the middle of the road and block the traffic.”

Ald George Herron said he contacted the police about the issue and was assured that they would deal with the matter until it is resolved by the NEELB.

A NEELB spokesman said there had been some difficulty getting someone to fill the vacancy, although it was advertised.