Rathcoole man donates kidney to his daughter

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A selfless man from Rathcoole donated one of his kidneys to his daughter in August 1979.

The operation took place the day before his birthday, and he said that “it was the best present he had ever received.”

His daughter had a defective kidney since childhood, and although it had not caused her much trouble in the past, it had started to fail over the previous three years.

She had undergone an unsuccessful transplant in the past, and it was hoped that the new operation would be a success.

Her dad was making a speedy recovery, but she was still in an isolation unit, although her family could see early signs that the operation had made a positive difference.

Her mother was full of praise for the medical staff at the City Hospital in Belfast.

Her mother also urged people to carry a kidney donor card, because it would help save more lives as people were having to stay on the waiting list for a considerable length of time.

Early signs showed that the operation was a success, though medical staff said that it would take some time before they could be sure if the two tissues matched.