Rathcoole woman Kerry struts onto fashion scene

Kerry Kington with her custom designed shoes. INNT 21-019-PSB
Kerry Kington with her custom designed shoes. INNT 21-019-PSB

A RATHCOOLE woman is strutting all over the fashion world with her well-heeled pumps - despite only taking up shoe design at the end of last year.

Kerry Kington has been customising shoes since December after a back injury forced her to take time off work.

The 26-year-old’s creations have since strutted into the limelight taking centre stage at the Belfast Fashion Show.

“I was looking at this lovely pair of shoes online and couldn’t believe the price of them and I thought I could do design that,” shoe lover Kerry told the Times.

“Then when I hurt my back, instead of lying in bed all day watching television, I thought I could do something a bit more productive.”

Kerry’s talents extend beyond women’s shoes as she also customises men’s footwear, hats and Champagne bottles and wine glasses.

However, her designs really took off when her friend and clothes designer Lisa McCabe of Norlisa Fashion asked her to customise a pair of shoes for her.

Kerry added: “I can’t believe how far I have come since I started out just before Christmas. I love it and it would be great one day to be able to do it full time.”

Search for Krystal Love on Facebook for Kerry’s designs.