Rosaleen’s romantic tale is penned in poetic style

Doctor Rosaleen O'Brien and latest book called, Confessions of Father John. INNT 43-018-FP
Doctor Rosaleen O'Brien and latest book called, Confessions of Father John. INNT 43-018-FP

A Carnmoney writer has poetically penned a gripping love story about a priest in a novel way.

Dr Rosaleen O’Brien recently launched her fictional Confessions of Father John which is written entirely in prose form.

The heart-tugging story tells the tale of a cleric who finds love and fathers a young son with Nurse Lynda against a backdrop of tragic twists and turns.

Rosaleen, originally from Tipperary, is a veteran author who has written around 20 books in paperback and e-form.

The mother of two, who is in her late 60s, has high hopes for her latest work and believes it can rival the success of a steamy best-seller.

Rosaleen said: “It’s an absolute gem and it can be as good as Fifty Shades of Grey - although without the naughty bits.

“The story is told in poetic verse and is about a priest’s great romance.”

The book, which is based after the Second World War, begins with Fr John’s mother foreseeing his ordination and expecting great things for her son.

Fr John then becomes romantically involved with Nurse Lynda who flees to India after becoming pregnant.

By a quirk of fate Fr John is sent to the sub-continent where he meets his son Dean and Lynda who is destitute and living in a brothel.

The couple later move to America with Dean but are separated again under the orders of the Vatican. The story ends in Ireland with a riveting finale for Fr John, Dean and Lynda.

Rosaleen is a retired homeopathic doctor and chiropractor and is a qualified legal practitioner.

Through her writing she was invited to meet US president Bill Clinton at the White House in the 1990s.

Growing up Ireland she was forced to endure severe hardship as her family was ostracised because her brothers fought for the British Army. She is currently seeking an apology from the Irish government.

Confessions of Father John is available at and is priced at £6.99.