Straid YFC celebrates at annual prize night

Straid Young Farmers celebrated the past year at their annual parents’ Night and prize giving ceremony in 1st Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church Hall.

Club leader Carolyn Agnew welcomed a large crowd of family and friends to the evening.

Young farmers from Straid. INNT 15-427-RM

Young farmers from Straid. INNT 15-427-RM

James Taylor, YFCU vice president attended the event as guest speaker, and his fiancée Kathryn Smith presented the prizes.

The club performed a selection of plays, club songs and the annual scandal followed by supper.

The secretary’s report was read by Elaine Paisley and the evening was closed with a speech by club president Claire McConnell.

Thanks were made to 1st Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church for the use of the hall and to Colin Smith for acting as chairperson.

The prizes winners were as follows:

Public speaking: Jane Buckley.

Brain of Straid: Under 16 Chris McNeilly, Over 16: William Clark.

Home management: 1st Jaimie McCowan, 2nd Charlotte Steele, 3rd Rachel Nicholson.

Floral Art: Jane Buckley.

Club stock judging under 16: 1st Laura Currie, 2nd Lauren McKinstry, 3rd Jaimie McCowan.

Club stockjudging over 16: 1st Rachel Nicholson, 2nd Samantha Turkington, 3rd Charlotte Steele and Sam Currie.

Best stockjudging assessment over 16: 1st Gillian Hunter, 2nd Sam Agnew, 3rd Sam Currie.

Area stockjudging under 16: 1st Rebecca McConnell, 2nd Adrianna Coulter, 3rd Alana Buckley.

Area stockjudging over 16: 1st Peter Boyd, 2nd Andrew Boyd, 3rd Sam Currie.

Best novice stockjuder: Samantha Turkington.

Boys fellowship: Alexander Boyd.

Girls fellowship: Abigail McClean.

Best girl under 16: 1st Adrianna Coulter and Jaimie McCowan, 2nd Lauren McKinstry

Best girl over 16: 1st Elaine Paisley, 2nd Jenna Flynn and Kim Paisley.

Best boy under 16: 1st Mark McConnell, 2nd William Maybin, 3rd Jonny Hill.

Best boy over 16: 1st Andrew Boyd, 2nd Colin Hunter, 3rd Chris Coulter.

Best drama performance on the night: Jaimie McCowan.