‘Vandal-proof’ train shelters wrecked at Whiteabbey halt

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Train shelters which were said to be ‘vandal-proof’ were damaged in January 1989.

A local representative hit out at the vandals who had damaged the new shelters and attempted to find a solution to the issue.

The shelters had only been constructed a number of hours before the attacks took place.

William Ball called on the police and Northern Ireland Railways to do something about what he called “wilful damage”.

He said: “No wonder the train fares are rising.

“I believe parents in the area must know who the perpetrators of this vandalism are- they know that their children are hanging about the station.

“The vandals even leave their signatures on the walls and shelters.

“It is a total disgrace that a thing cannot sit for a week without being wrecked.

“Surely Northern Ireland Railways can do something about it; after all, they will have completed a number of similar halts at stations along the Larne line.

“We were told this shelter would be vandal-proof and could not be broken, yet they do not even last through the night.”