VIDEO: Carnmoney man crafts cigar box guitars

A man from Carnmoney has combined his woodwork skills with his passion for music to create a number of new instruments.

Brian Anderson, who is a joiner by trade, has been playing guitar in his spare time for over 20 years.

Brian Anderson playing one of the cigar box guitars he crafted. INNT 45-813CON

Brian Anderson playing one of the cigar box guitars he crafted. INNT 45-813CON

After searching for a guitar repair shop last year, Brian came across a workshop in Belfast which taught people how to craft their own guitars.

“I went to the Lagan Lutherie School, where I learnt how to create my own acoustic guitars. Even though I have a background in woodwork, as long as you have patience, anyone can make a guitar.”

Once he had made a number of acoustic guitars, Brian took on the new challenge of making guitars from cigar boxes.

The guitars which have three strings are made from imported cigar boxes, with the majority of the neck being crafted out of maple.

“It really is a nice hobby to have. It takes me around four weeks to make one in my spare time. It is pretty addictive when I start making one. I enjoy making them and it’s hard to get away from,” Brian explained.

He has now made six cigar box guitars since June, with a number of them being sold.

Brian also converts transistor radios from the 1950s and 1960s into amps.

“It only takes a couple of hours to convert them into amps, and with the cigar box guitars which are fully functional electric guitars, I’m able to get a nice sound out of them,” he said.

If you would like to find out more about the guitars, or have one made, contact Brian on