Waste disposal measures to be put in place at sites

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Councillors in Newtownabbey recommended that the council complied with government regulations regarding gases at landfill sites in March 1989.

The Mayor, Ald Jim Smith, proposed that a local firm should be engaged to carry out the necessary investigations at the council waste disposal site at Bruslee.

Councillors were informed about the basic requirements of the regulations, issued by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution.

These stated that all sites where biodegradable material is deposited must be monitored and where necessary, systems installed to prevent uncontrolled gas migration.

There were only two sites in the borough at the time which were licensed for the disposal of waste which could result in the production of landfill gas.

These were the Bruslee waste site and the Wimpey Waste site on the Green Road in Ballyclare.

In March 1989, Wimpey were undertaking the necessary studies and the results would be submitted to the council.

Councillors were told that they would be advised if the investigations at Bruslee revealed that gas control measures were required.