Water: the secret of stunning baskets

John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON
John Shannon. INLT 13-802-CON

As we move into the drier and sunnier days of July and August (we hope) it makes it challenging for keeping containers and baskets watered.

Hanging baskets full of flowering plants look very good but act as an umbrellas for the compost in the basket, which means even when it

rains the compost does not get wet.

Baskets should be checked twice a day, morning and evening, and water as required. To check if the basket needs watering, place your hand on the bottom of the basket and lift slightly to test the weight, or stick your finger into the soil to feel if it is wet.

Water two or three times to make sure the compost is all wet. A hose is best, or use a watering can, but be careful the water does not run down your

arm. Long-handle lances are also available in the garden centre for reaching baskets which are higher up.

Once a week, take the baskets down and deadhead all the flowers and give them a good watering and then they can be fed. This also applies to any tubs you may have around the garden.

During very windy days it might be wise to take the baskets down and place them somewhere sheltered.

If you are going on holiday, and have no generous neighbours, take the baskets and trough down and put them somewhere shaded with a good watering

and they should last until you come home. You can also buy capillary matting and cut into strips, placing one end in water and the other into the compost of the basket/tub/container and this will act as a wick bring water up.

The secret of a good hanging basket is good watering.