Winter of discontent for residents in Old Mossley Estate

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A councillor was raising concerns about the welfare of residents in Old Mossley in September 1985.

Councillor Jim Robinson said that residents of the Old Mossley Estate faced a winter of discontent due to the price it would cost to heat their homes.

He believed that families with young children or the elderly would be forced to find other ways to heat their homes in order to survive in the winter months.

He said that there was “inadequate heating systems” already in the homes, and that the “tenants will find their bills will soar during the colder weather which undoubtedly lies ahead.”

Councillor Robinson was backing a campaign which was being led by Mossley Housing Association to have central heating systems installed in the homes throughout the area.

“Bring Mossley out of the Ice Age and provide the tenants with a standard of living that they deserve,” Councillor Robinson added.

The councillor was also angry after hearing that some tenants who had moved into the Old Mossley Estate when it was built around 20 years ago, havdstill not had work carried out on category three repairs.