Young Enterprise takes ambition to a higher level

University students can now benefit from the Young Enterprise company experience which has seen impressive success in schools across Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 10:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 2:46 am
Ulster University Jordanstown Students Jordan Campbell and Kate Umphray help Chris Shannon, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Manager Ulster University and Carol Fitzsimons, MBE Young Enterprise Chief Executive, launch the first ever Young Enterprise StartUP programme. Teams of students from each campus will set up a business, buy shares, trade for five months and compete to represent Ulster University at the UK Final. CREDIT:

By delivering a new Start Up programme in partnership with Ulster University, Young Enterprise are taking their entrepreneurial ethos to a new level.

Start Up means that Young Enterprise is now offering their company programme experience at all stages of education: Primary, Post Primary/Secondary and University/Tertiary.

Start Up marks the next stage in the charity’s aim to foster a culture of enterprise amongst young people that goes beyond business studies to offer practical, real world experience in developing and running their own venture.

The opportunity is open to students from any subject area, and because Young Enterprise will be teaming up with the Students’ Union, it is an accessible, approachable way to participate.

Young Enterprise Chief Executive Carol Fitzsimons said: “What is unique and important about Start Up is that students will be able to work with multi-disciplinary teams and learn how to commercialise their subject area and field of interest, refining

and developing their ideas along the way.

“Start Up has enlisted Young Enterprise alumni who have gained valuable know-how and insights through our company programmes. So we have a wealth of case studies on the benefits of taking part; above all developing the skills employers are looking for.”

The Young Enterprise initiative complements the UUSU Enterprise Centre at Ulster University, now in its second year, which supports students and graduates to achieve and develop their ambitions through a range of programmes, competitions, advisory services and funding opportunities.

In the first year of operation the Centre supported over 100 student entrepreneurs and helped to launch 47 new businesses from across the four Ulster University campuses; some are now trading globally, hiring graduates and owning intellectual property rights worldwide.

A minimum of 10 students from each campus will form a team and set up a business, buy shares, trade for five months and compete to represent Ulster University at the UK Final.

This allows students to experience the steps required to start, run and grow a business preparing them should they wish to start their own venture in the future.

In the meantime, students will get to showcase their business ideas for the first time at The Young Enterprise Big Market in December at St George’s Market in Belfast.