Rev Alan Millar.
Rev Alan Millar.

Some years ago a friend invited me to join him and some friends on what was known as ‘A gentleman’s cruise’ - a flotilla of several yachts which sailed from Coleraine YC to the west of Scotland.

I asked my friend how he could navigate his way exactly to our destination, which was miles away and couldn’t be seen.

He explained that by checking the current and wind speeds, he could make suitable calculations and confidently plot his course. At times he would need to check his position, and if we had drifted off course due to unforeseen reasons, he would make the necessary adjustments to get back on course.

We arrived safely at our destination.

Many people today set sail on life’s ocean with no particular destination in mind, and are buffeted this way and that by the winds of change and chance. They just go with the flow. When life’s storms dump on them they seek help from people who are also in trouble. (Jonah 1)

Others do make plans for the future and set sail, trusting in their own ability and good fortune, but still with no particular destination in mind. There are no plan for the storms that befall everyone on life’s ocean, both the righteous and unrighteous. (Matthew 5:45)

Nevertheless, when life’s journey is over we will each arrive at ‘a’ destination. The question is; Do you know your destination? When we are born we have an in-built destination, heaven, to return home to the Lord. To get there requires that we follow the planned course charted for by the Master Captain. His divine chart is the Bible. It has all we need to help us safely navigate our way home.

Sometimes we may get blown off course, but we can correct our course by consulting the chart, the Bible, which gives clear instructions on to navigate safely to our true destination.

Do not leave your final destination to chance. Do not be buffeted by the winds of change and chance in an uncertain and tumultuous world. Do not flounder on the rocks of destruction and eternal death.

Make your decision today, to rely on the Maser Captain, Jesus. Believe and trust Him to help you navigate through life’s calm waters or storms. He will bring you safely to your true destination, your eternal home where we will live forever in His glory, peace and eternal love.