Almost £1m Housing Executive investment in Rathcoole homes

Three hundred and forty-six Housing Executive homes in Rathcoole are to benefit from contracts recently awarded for work in the estate.

In one £473k contract, 107 properties in the mid Rathcoole area are the subject of an external maintenance programme, while 239 homes in West Rathcoole are included in a £517k double glazing contract.

Commenting on this significant investment, Sharon Crooks, Newtownabbey 1 District Manager said: “This is good news, not just for the residents whose homes are included in these contracts but also welcome investment in Newtownabbey borough. The external maintenance programme involves replacing existing single glazed windows with double glazed units, servicing and repairing others, as well as replacing or repairing external woodwork, carrying out a range of general repairs and repainting the properties.

Work of this nature not only protects the outside fabric of tenants’ homes but also gives them a facelift and so enhances the overall appearance of the area.”

The second scheme will see 239 tenants having single glazed windows replaced with double glazed units, progressing the Northern Ireland Executive’s objective, through the Programme for Government, to provide double glazing in all Housing Executive’s homes by 2014/15.

In recent months the Northern Ireland Executive has allocated an additional £4million to help achieve that objective.

Referring to this contract, Housing Minister Nelson McCausland said: “Programmes such as this show that decisions taken at the Executive table can have direct positive impacts on the lives of people in our communities. The installation of new double glazing not only makes the tenants homes more comfortable, but will help them reduce energy bills.”

Both schemes are being carried out by Dixons Contractors, and their representatives will be liaising with residents and the Housing Executive during the course of the work to ensure it achieves the high standards set and expected.