Anger as council clears up after party in the sun

NEWTOWNABBEY Alliance councillor Tom Campbell has condemned those responsible for littering the Loughshore Park area of Jordanstown during the recent spell of good weather.

Speaking at Monday night’s meeting of the full council Mr Campbell said crowds who flocked to the Loughshore to take advantage of the sunshine in recent days and in particular over the past weekend, had unfortunately left behind them a “large amount of rubbish”.

“There was litter - fast food takeaway cartons, bottles and debris strewn in the park, in the car park, by the shore, and opposite the caravan site,” Mr Campbell said.

“The council are having to spend a large amount of money to clean up the area, and this is at the cost of the ratepayer.”

Mr Campbell called on the council to identify those responsible for depositing litter in the area and to take enforcement action against them.

A council officer claimed they were aware of the problem and were looking into it, further adding that the situation was one that had been experienced at beachsides across the province during the heatwave.