Angry residents appeal to NIHE to make good on driveway ‘promise’

New Mossley resident, Robert Mitchell.
New Mossley resident, Robert Mitchell.
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New Mossley residents have called on the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) to make good on its broken promises before going ahead with new social housing plans.

Residents have said they were angered to learn that hundreds of new homes are to be built in the area, despite the Housing Executive telling them there is no money for much needed driveways in the estate.

They claim that in 2004 the Housing Executive promised driveways for homes to help alleviate parking problems and to ease traffic flow around the estate.

However, eight years on, this promise has still not been fulfilled and residents said they were instead angered to learn of a new housing scheme for the estate.

New Mossley man Robert Mitchell said: “No-one is against more homes in the estate - that is to be welcomed.

“But the Housing Executive has promised driveways for homes and other work and now they say there is no money for that, but there is for hundreds of new homes.

“They will argue the money will come from a Housing Association - but it all comes from the same pot.”

Mr Mitchell said the main problem in the estate is cars parking on the road which in turn blocks one lane of traffic.

“There is going to be an accident, someone could be killed it they do not sort this problem out,” he warned.

“In 2004 residents were promised new driveways to get the cars off the road to allow for two lanes of traffic, but the Housing Executive has never done that work.

“The work is needed now more than ever, especially if they are considering major building projects and all the traffic that will bring.”

Residents were very unhappy to learn of plans for the new housing scheme at a meeting held in New Mossley last week.

Mr Mitchell continued: “We thought the meeting was a chance for us to air our concerns, but instead it was an announcement for the new homes.

“We asked for them to provide assurances that the work promised would be done, but were told it couldn’t be done for at least another three years - it is just not good enough.

“And we have also asked that they reconsider the sites they are considering for the new houses. There are much better locations in the estate than the places they have identified.

“All we are asking is they consider our problems and concerns before going ahead with these grand plans when a small amount of work is all that is needed.

“But the residents also have to take some of the blame here - this should not have been allowed to go on for so long.”

Local MLA Danny Kinahan who has been working with the residents to try and resolve the matter, said he was “horrified” at the level of unfinished work and repairs in the estate.

He said: “This matter will have my full attention, the residents have been very patient, but it has gone on long enough.

“We need to get the outstanding matter resolved before work is considered for a new housing scheme.

“Then we need to work on the breakdown in communication and restore confidence.

“Everyone is willing to push to make it happen, it’s just a case of putting it into action.”