Anti-social behaviour causes ‘health hazard’

The vandalised bins.
The vandalised bins.

Concerns have been raised in Glengormley after anti-social incidents occurred in the Carnmoney Road area over recent days.

The Times understands that commercial bins were taken from the health centre on the Carnmoney Road and set on fire by vandals at the site of the former Tesco store adjacent to the medical facility.

A dog waste bin was also ripped apart over the weekend and its contents were strewn across the ground at the old Tesco premises.

A local resident contacted the Times to voice his concerns following the anti-social behaviour.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous said: “The area had been the site of anti-social behaviour in the past, but it had been quieter in recent months.

“The fact someone threw dog waste around the place created a health hazard for people walking in the area, especially those with young children or pets- it was disgusting.”

The man added: “There aren’t any damaged dog waste bins close to the old Tesco store, so it looks like the people responsible for the incident have removed a bin from the nearby Lilian Bland Park.

“The council staff should be praised for attending the scene and working to get the area cleared so quickly.”

Work on a social housing development is set to commence at the former supermarket site.

Clanmil Housing Association will be constructing almost 50 dwellings at the location.

In total, 26 apartments and 22 dwellings with open space are set to be built.

Planning permission for the application submitted by Clanmil Developments Limited, was granted by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council’s Planning Committee at the committee’s April 2017 meeting.

Commenting on the recent anti-social behaviour, a spokesperson for Clanmil Housing Association said: “We are continuing to progress our plans for new homes on the site of the former Tesco store on Carnmoney Road, Glengormley and hope shortly to be in a position to start work.

“Meanwhile, we have secured the building and have employed a security company to monitor the site regularly.

“We are aware of recent anti-social behaviour on the site and are continuing to liaise with PSNI and local representatives about this.

“We appreciate the vigilance of neighbouring residents and thank them for their continuing support.”

A spokesperson for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “Antrim and Newtownabbey Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) has been working to reduce the levels of antisocial behaviour in the Glengormley area.

“A number of projects are currently underway, including ‘On Street Presence’ projects which involve working on the ground with young people to support them and encourage them to participate in programmes and events.”

The spokesperson added: “Residents are encouraged to report anti-social behaviour to the police 101 number.

“With regards to CCTV, there are 11 public facing CCTV cameras in the area and currently the council has no plans to expand the CCTV coverage.”