Appeal for parents to help stop quad bike and scrambler nuisance

A young boy drives a buggy-type vehicle on the Abbeyglen playing fields. INNT 21-613CON
A young boy drives a buggy-type vehicle on the Abbeyglen playing fields. INNT 21-613CON

PARENTS have been urged to behave responsibly and not let their children ride quad bikes or scramblers in the borough’s public places.

Over the past week the police have received a number of reports of youths riding the vehicles in the East Way and Barna Square areas of Rathcoole.

And in another incident, a boy - thought to be around nine years old - was seen doing laps of the Abbeyglen playing fields in the Glenville Road area, in a motorised buggy.

Margaret King of the Whiteabbey Community Group said: “Residents have complained and this has been reported to the police.

“We have also fixed up those playing fields for them to be used by a new community football team and with the kids riding theses vehicles on the land it is ripping up the ground so that it cannot be used.

“It is a nuisance in terms of the noise and a danger to the health and safety of those in the area.

“We would urge parents to be responsible. The police have guidelines on where these vehicles can be used and we would urge parents to make sure their children use them where they are supposed to.”

Rathcoole resident and councillor, alderman Billy DeCourcy added: “I live opposite the big green in Rathcoole and kids riding these vehicles can be a real nuisance.

“Mainly they use them near the multi-storey flats - where they should not be - and the noise can be a problem.

“These vehicles destroy the land, which is for public use and there can be a danger to people’s safety.

“I would just encourage people to act responsibly and think of their neighbours, particularly those elderly residents.”

The police have warned of the dangers of quad and scrambler misuse. And they have said they will take tough action against anyone caught breaking the law, which could result in a heavy fine and the seizure of vehicles.

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