Appeal for safety measures rejected

THE Roads Service has rejected requests to widen the junction of the Rashee Road with the Cogry Road in Ballyclare.

Residents had asked Roads Service to consider widening the junction which is close to the cemetery, and installing a pedestrian crossing to improve safety.

However, the cost of the scheme proved prohibitive and instead resurfacing work will begin on Monday, March 19.

Local councillor Paul Girvan said a petition was started following the death of a local man on the road.

He said: “It’s disappointing the Roads Service will not consider widening the road and installing a pedestrian crossing to improve on safety.

“The call was made after a local man lost his life on the road and it was thought installing the new measures would protect those people using the cemetery.

“It can be quite a busy area,” he said.

A spokesman for the Roads Service stated: “A scheme to resurface Rashee Road - from Cogry Road to Five Corners - is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 19.

“Currently, there are no plans to widen the road, or to install a pedestrian crossing.

“Roads Service recently received a petition, through alderman Paul Girvan MLA. It requested the widening of Rashee Road and the provision of a pedestrian footway.

“This request was assessed against our standard criteria. The assessment concluded that this would be an extensive, large scale, high cost scheme requiring the acquisition of both agricultural and residential land, relocation of utility services, the removal of mature trees and the construction of retaining walls along certain stretches of the road.

“The scheme would not compare favourably against other potential improvement schemes and, consequently there are no proposals to widen this section of road at this time.”