Arson-hit family thanks community

Amie's sisters Natalie Alexander and Courtney Campbell examine the damage done to her Rathcoole home on the morning after the fire. INNT 15-443-RM
Amie's sisters Natalie Alexander and Courtney Campbell examine the damage done to her Rathcoole home on the morning after the fire. INNT 15-443-RM
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A MOTHER who was nearly burned alive with her young family in an arson attack on her home has thanked the Rathcoole community for its help and support.

Fire ripped though Amie Alexander’s Rathcoole home in the early hours of Friday, April 6, after petrol was poured through the letterbox and set alight.

Amie (23), her partner Colin (36) and children, Bradley (3) and 15-month-old Hollie were sleeping upstairs in the house at the time.

Had it not been from the screams from her brother who happened to be in the living room of the house, the family would never have been alerted to the fire.

He managed to make his escape through the rear of the house, but Amie and her family were trapped.

“We could have very easily been killed,” Amie told the Times.

“Had it not been for my brother who was only staying with us by chance, there could have easily been an innocent family killed.”

Amie and her family were forced to take refuge from the fire in the upstairs bathroom as the fire ripped through their home.

And in a desperate bid to save her young daughter Amie was forced to drop her from the bathroom window - without knowing where she would land.

Amie, along with son Bradley and partner Colin were rescued by their neighbours seconds before the fire engulfed the entire house.

All were treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries and Amie said the emotional scars of the fire will live with them for a long time.

Their pet dog was the only victim in the incident and the house was left completely gutted.

Amie said: “I will never forget the screams of my brother, the flames and that thick black smoke - it will haunt me.”

The family have moved away from the estate and are considering whether to return to the area where Amie was born and bred.

Amie thanked the neighbours who came to her rescue and provided much needed clothes for them.

She added: “Had it not been for our neighbours who came to our rescue then there could have been an entire family dead.

“They were very brave and I will never forget what they did for us that night - they saved our lives.

“And when we left the hospital we all just had the clothes that we left the house in - and they were covered in smoke and in pieces. There was nothing left in the house we could use. We lost everything.

“The whole community came together to help us out with toys and clothes and I can not thank them enough for all their help and want them to know that we will be eternally grateful and we all owe them a massive thanks.”

Amie appealed to anyone who may have information about the arson attack to contact the police.

She added: “I am living life to the full now, it’s as if we have be given a second chance. With the neighbours’ help and the community providing us with everything we need there has been more good than bad come from this.”