Arts Council grant helps Major Sinclair Pipe Band purchase new musical instruments

BALLYCLARE pipe band The Major Sinclair Memorial have just taken delivery of over £6,000 worth of instruments thanks to the help of the Northern Ireland Arts Council.

The band applied for the bands’ grant for musical instruments and was successful in securing 75 per cent funding for a range of instruments.

Unusual for a pipe band, they purchased a set of Conga drums which they hope to use on their upcoming CD and at concerts. The band has grown over the last few years and it needed to purchase both new and replacement instruments to keep up with demand on resources.

The Arts Council grant suited the band’s needs exactly and although there was a considerable amount of paperwork involved the band now benefits from this major investment which otherwise would have taken two or three further years of fundraising to attain.

“The band was assisted with its application by the Ulster Scots Agency and wishes to thank them for all their help and support,” said John Fittis of The Major Sinclair Memorial.

“This has been a great example of the Arts Council’s work impacting on the ordinary people of Ballyclare. The band is open to anyone who has an interest in playing or learning to play the pipes or drums, or indeed non-playing members support is also welcomed.”