Asbestos poses ‘no risk’ to public

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THE Health and Safety Executive has stated that the small amount of asbestos found at the site of a former printing factory in Collinbridge area poses “no risk” to the public.

Concerns have been raised that the site at 19A Glengormley Park could be used as a playground by children.

Asbestos, which is potentially lethal if not handled correctly, has been found on the site by the Health and Safety Executive (HSENI).

The factory building was levelled to make way for an apartment block and recently a social housing scheme was proposed for the site.

However, nothing has been constructed in the intervening years since the building was demolished, and indeed rubble from the former factory remains on site.

The Irish Social Network has called for the site’s owner to come forward, clear the rubble and dispose of the asbestos properly.

Trevor McNulty, a member of the organisation said: “The site has just been left abandoned and children are able to get over the gates to play on it.”

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