Assembly man backs our campaign

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East Antrim Assembly member Roy Beggs Jnr has given his wholehearted support to the Times/Age NI campaign aimed at increasing benefit uptake among older people.

“I would encourage older people to check with the Age NI Advice Service if there are benefits and support that they’re missing out on. Sometimes individuals, and particularly older people, are unaware of their entitlements.

“I welcome efforts from Age NI to engage local community champions to try the service and encourage older people to avail of the help that’s available. Pensioner poverty in Carrickfergus is estimated to be at 24 per cent and Larne at 29 per cent. Age NI is determined, with the help of the local community, to reduce these figures and make a real impact across the local community.

“A benefit check can make a real difference to an older person’s daily life. It can mean peace of mind in terms of affording groceries, fuel and energy costs. It could perhaps provide care assistance or even pay for the odd day out.

This can help people feel less isolated, enable them to mix and participate in their community and prevent exclusion from society.”