Ballyclare councillor David Arthurs quits Ulster Unionists

Cllr. David Arthurs with Mike Nesbitt MLA.
Cllr. David Arthurs with Mike Nesbitt MLA.

Ballyclare councillor David Arthurs has decided to quit the Ulster Unionist Party as he feels he is no longer “part of the team”.

In a statement, Mr. Arthurs said that he felt “unwanted” by his local association and “let down by the leadership of the party”.

He added: “In November 2015, I came back to the UUP as I felt politically that’s where I could represent the people of Ballyclare best and would feel at home.”

However, he indicated that since then, he has not “felt part of the team”.

Previously, Mr. Arthurs had been a TUV councillor.

He went on to say that in March, he was de-selected by his local association for next year’s local government elections.

“‪I want to use this opportunity to thank many friends that I have within the party and those who have sent me best wishes since Saturday.

“I will serve the rest of my mandate on Antrim and Newtownabbey Council as an Independent and it is my intention to run next May as an Independent as I feel I have much more to offer the people of Ballyclare and want to continue serving them in the future should they put their trust in me and give me their vote.”