Ballyclare ‘linkages’ scheme approved

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The council’s Community Planning and Regeneration Committee has approved funding of £110,000 for a further revitalisation scheme in Ballyclare.

Of this, £100,000 will be provided by the Department for Communities, while the extra money will be contributed by the council. The same funding was also agreed for a programme in Antrim. The department has asked that the new schemes are promoted as ‘linkages.’

The application for Ballyclare will include work to improve properties that couldn’t be supported under the 2014-15 scheme due to lack of budget. The previous scheme was managed and administered by Ballyclare Chamber of Trade under a letter of offer from the former DSD. The new scheme will be led by the council, who will be issued with the letter of offer to meet the department’s governance requirements.

The council will continue to work in partnership with Ballyclare Chamber of Trade to implement the scheme.