Ballyclare man tells of ‘hell’ on legal high

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A BALLYCLARE man has highlighted the dangers of taking so-called legal highs.

Department of Health officials seized quantities of ‘Ocean Snow’ along with other “psychoactive substances” from a number of Belfast retailers recently.

The product had been sold as bath salts.

The seizure of the so-called legal highs was made after a Ballyclare man highlighted the effects the drug had had on his body and his social life.

Prior to checking himself into rehab the young father-of-one told the Times his life had become “a living hell” on the drug after he suffered severe hallucinations and fits of depression leaving him feeling suicidal.

Peter Moore, Senior Medicines Enforcement Officer said: “There are potentially grave public health risks associated with the sale of this type of product and the Medicines Regulatory Group, along with the police, have taken samples of recently seized products and are currently awaiting forensic evidence on their contents.

“Any contravention of the legislation for which we have a responsibility will be rigorously enforced as is evidenced in recent prosecutions taken by this Department in relation to sale of so-called ‘legal highs’ containing benzylpiperazine.”