Ballyclare police issue scrambler warning

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POLICE in Ballyclare have urged young people using scramblers and quads to be considerate to others in the local community.

The message comes after police received a number of complaints from residents in the Clare Heights area.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Alan Bowes said: “We understand that riding a quad or scrambler is fun, however, it’s important to remember that there are laws in relation to their use.

“While most scramblers and quads are described as off-road vehicles this does not mean that they can be driven anywhere off-road.

“They should only ever be ridden on private land where you have permission, and should never be used on pavements, public property or parks - this includes green grass areas and public paths throughout the Ballyclare area.”

The policeman continued: “If your vehicle is designed for use on a road, it should have the appropriate equipment fitted such as lights and number plates and the driver or rider should be the holder of a suitable driving licence and insurance.

“It’s also worth noting that police can seize vehicles considered to be causing alarm, annoyance or distress. This offence can be committed both on and off the road and applies equally to private or council owned land.

“Police are not trying to spoil anyone’s fun. We simply want to make sure that quad and scrambler riders are kept safe and on the right side of the law.”