Ballynure fish kill: ‘No evidence of pollution’

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An investigation led by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) has found no evidence of pollution following the deaths of dozens of fish on waterways in Ballynure.

The incident last week, which affected the Castle Water and the Six Mile Water, killed more than 70 junior trout.

It was reported to the NIEA and members of Ballynure Angling Club at approximately 10am on Wednesday, June 1.

A spokesperson for NIEA said: “NIEA received a water pollution report on June 1 indicating there were a number of dead fish (71 brown trout) in the Castle Water at Ballynure.

“A Water Quality Inspector was deployed immediately to the site to confirm the report and carry out a joint investigation with colleagues in Inland Fisheries.

“Despite an extensive investigation, no source was identified, with no evidence of pollution or typical pollution signs being noted.

“Given the recent prolonged warm weather causing rivers to be at low flow and high temperature, natural causes cannot be ruled out regarding the deaths of the brown trout.”

This was the latest fish kill in the Newtownabbey area in recent years, following major pollution incidents on the Ballymartin Water, Six Mile Water and Three Mile Water.