Ballynure Primary receives ‘very good’ report

Ballynure Primary School principal Elaine Doherty with some of the school's pupils. INNT 49-128-GR
Ballynure Primary School principal Elaine Doherty with some of the school's pupils. INNT 49-128-GR

The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) has commended the principal, staff and pupils of Ballynure Primary on the “very good” standards throughout the school.

The school’s latest inspection report, published last month, concludes that “the school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the children; and has demonstrated the capacity for sustained self-improvement.”

The inspection focussed on standards in literacy and numeracy among the school’s 121 pupils, and the quality of leadership and management. It involved meetings with governors and children, as well as a questionnaire sent to staff and parents.

The report acknowledges that “most of the children, including those who require additional support, are achieving in line with their ability or above expectation in English and mathematics.” It also states that “the children are able to use a range of ICT software well to support their literacy and numeracy and other aspects of their learning.”

The inspectors pointed to the “very good” provision for pastoral care and highlighted “the friendly, child-centred ethos which takes account of the needs and voice of every child.” They also commented that the pupils “spoke highly of the support they receive from their teachers and the wide range of activities they enjoy.”

The report emphasises the wide range of learning experiences and activities that are matched to the children’s needs and interests, including sporting and cultural activities.

“We are conscious that learning takes place beyond the boundaries of the classroom and the report draws attention to the wide range of extra-curricular activities we offer and the variety of educational visits and visitors which enhance our children’s learning,” said Mrs Elaine Doherty, who has served as principal of the school for the past 12 years.

The inspectors were also impressed by the collaborative approach to work within the school by the principal, staff, parents, governors and children and the effective links with the local community.

Mrs Doherty added: “We are absolutely delighted with the report as it recognises the many strengths of the school, its staff and pupils.

“Once again, we are absolutely elated to have public recognition of our continuing hard work and our children’s success.”

Mr Roger McCune MBE, Chair of the Board of Governors, congratulated the principal and staff on their hard work and commitment to the school, describing their glowing inspection report as “well-deserved.”

The full report can be viewed on the Education and Training Inspectorate website -