Beat officers to crack down on egg throwers

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POLICE in Glengormley are scrambling to get their hands on a crowd of yobs who’ve been throwing eggs at cars in the town centre and Mayfield areas in recent weeks.

During the latest incident, a number of eggs were thrown at the windscreen of a car close to a pedestrian crossing on the Antrim Road, completely obscuring the driver’s view of the road.

“Had the light changed or had someone been trying to cross the road when this incident occurred it could have resulted in some very serious consequences,” a PSNI spokesperson warned.

“Police cannot emphasise enough how dangerous it is to throw anything at a moving vehicle - the driver’s vision could be obscured, preventing them from seeing the road ahead, or it could cause them to lose control and potentially cause a collision.

“Anyone found to have caused a collision or any injury or harm to another person due to such reckless behaviour could find themselves criminally liable,” she added.

Police have appealed for those involved in the egg throwing to stop immediately before a motorist or pedestrian gets hurt.

They have also urged anyone who can help officers identify those involved to contact Newtownabbey Station on 0845 600 8000.