Bentley shows determination during successful campaign

Bentley pictured with Martin Barr.
Bentley pictured with Martin Barr.

The mother of a young boy with behavioural problems from Co Antrim believes her son’s involvement in sport is helping his condition.

Bentley Dubois (6) from Burnside has behavioural problems, learning difficulties and a speech and language disorder.

However, after getting involved in motocross racing, Bentley has gained confidence and is currently performing well in this year’s competition.

The Kilbride Central Primary School pupil got his first bike, a PW50 in April 2016, before competing in his first race in March 2017.

His dad Craig used to compete in motocross racing alongside illustrious names such as Martin Barr, Jonathan Rea and Keith Farmer.

Recently the young racer picked up some new skills after practicing with Martin Barr.

Detailing the encounter, Bentley’s mum Stacey said: “Craig and Martin know each other from their younger years and we had went to Rasharkin MX track to get some practice in, as did Martin.

“Bentley watched Martin riding, watched his technique and took it to the track. Martin told Bentley that he’s doing well and asked him if he wanted to sit on his bike which made Bentley so excited and happy as he says he wants to be just like Martin Barr when he grows up.”

Stacey added: “Bentley is determined that his future career will be in motorcycling. Considering that he is only six and so focused and doing well and trying his best, I foresee a great motocross career ahead.

“I would encourage parents of children with similar issues to Bentley to get involved in motocross if they are interested as it teaches them skill, focus, boosts their confidence and they also get to join in and be part of a great motocross community.”