Best kept awards open to entries

The 2013 Best Kept Awards are open for entries from Newtownabbey area towns, schools, healthcare facilities and housing areas.

Organisers, the Northern Ireland Amenity Council (NIAC), have called for councils, schools, housing bodies and the management of health and social care premises to enter the awards with information about their environmental projects.

The awards recognise best community environmental projects, including the promotion of recycling and wildlife conservation.

Entrants in all categories are judged using a wide range of criteria, including the absence of litter and graffiti, and the evidence of community participation in local initiatives. Public floral displays and wildlife-friendly planting schemes usually feature prominently among winning entries.

There are different closing dates for various categories in the competition with the first coming up on March 1.

For entry forms contact NIAC on 9040 3681 or visit for more information.