Black box deliveries across the borough

The delivery of the new black boxes in Newtownabbey will continue in the coming weeks as a new recycling service is launched across the borough.

All homes will receive a black box, to replace their blue bin, which they will use in conjunction with their existing red recycling box. Both boxes will be collected on a weekly basis by Bryson Recycling and this new service will allow residents to recycle even more from home, which will help to boost local recycling rates.

Using this new service Newtownabbey residents will be able to recycle eleven different types of material from home on a weekly basis. Paper, foil, textiles, batteries and hand tools can be put in the new black box, while cans, aerosols, cartons, plastics, glass and cardboard should be placed in the red boxes. All households will be provided with an information pack containing full details about how the new service works.

Eric Randall, Director of Bryson Recycling, said: “We are delighted to be able to extend the range of items that we can collect from households for recycling, especially cartons and plastics which householders have been keen to recycle for many years. Residents can start recycling the full range of materials through our service as soon as they receive their black box, and it would be a great help if items could be sorted between the boxes as described in the information packs provided.”

For further information about the recycling service, visit: or contact Bryson Recycling on Tel: 028 9084 8494.