Bogus caller claims to be PSNI officer

POLICE are investigating reports that a man falsely claiming to be a police officer called at addresses in the Glengormley and Ballyclare areas on Wednesday, September 26.

At around 1.30pm officers received the first report that a plain clothed ‘detective’ had called at a house in Rural Gardens, Glengormley telling the householder he was investigating a ‘robbery’ at the address and had arrested two youths. The man showed the householder a sum of cash which he claimed had been taken in the robbery. He then quizzed the resident about how much money he kept in the house and where it was kept.

The second report came from a householder in the Beechview area of Ballyclare. Again the caller claimed to be investigating a burglary, showed the householder a sum of money and asked questions about where money was kept in the house.

Nothing was taken during either incident.

The bogus caller is described as being in his late 50s or early 60s, well built, with a round face and stubble. He was wearing a dark waterproof jacket and what’s been described as a navy coloured fisherman’s hat.

Officers are also investigating a possible link with a similar report of a man claiming to represent the Post Office who called at a house on Jordanstown Road on September 17.

“We would advise that householders never ever let strangers into their homes without thoroughly checking their identification, no matter who they claim to represent,” a PSNI spokesperson said.

“If you are unsure about any caller to your door, call the police or alternatively use the 24-hour QuickCheck freephone service on 0800 013 22 90. The person on the other end of the line will check the caller at your door is legitimate.”

Police are urging anyone with information about any of these incidents to contact Newtownabbey CID on 0845 600 8000.