Bryson begins removal of blue recycling bins

BRYSON Recycling started to remove blue bins from households across Newtownabbey this week as part of the new kerbside recycling service being introduced in the borough.

Each household in the Newtownabbey Council area is having their blue bin replaced with a black ‘kerbie’ recycling box to use in conjunction with the existing red recycling box. Using the new service, residents will be able to recycle more materials from home on a weekly basis, including paper, cartons and a wider range of plastic packaging.

All households will be provided with an information pack containing full details about how the new service works.

Householders are being asked to leave their blue bins out on the next scheduled blue bin collection day to ensure they can be emptied and removed.

For further information about the new recycling service log on to or telephone Bryson Recycling on 9084 8494.