Bus services affected by ‘illegal parking’ in Mossley

Cars blocking the bus route in Mossley. INNT 39-834CON
Cars blocking the bus route in Mossley. INNT 39-834CON

Bus services in The Glade area of Mossley have been partially suspended after cars parked along a section of the bus route, causing an obstruction.

Confirming the changes to today’s service, a Translink spokesperson said: “Due to illegal parking at the railway station, Metro 1D will omit Mossley Glade and turn at Campbell’s Road until further notice.”

Commenting on the issue, Cllr Stephen Ross said: “This problem has been affecting the residents of the area for a long time.

“TransportNI placed parking restrictions in the area after bus services were affected before, but some motorists are still causing obstructions for the buses.

“Safety is also called into question, as fire engines and ambulances would also have difficulty getting into the area with these cars parked here. It really could be a matter of life or death for the residents of The Glade.”

The DUP representative added: “I have been in touch with a bus inspector, who has transported elderly residents who have been inconvenienced by this latest incident in his own car. He has taken them to the nearest bus stop which is operational today and he should be praised for helping these members of the community.”