Business as usual as work begins in Glengormley

Nigel Hamilton at the site of the water works on the Ballyclare Road, Glengormley. INNT 03-076-FP
Nigel Hamilton at the site of the water works on the Ballyclare Road, Glengormley. INNT 03-076-FP

GLENGORMLEY traders’ representatives have again stressed that it is business as usual on the Ballyclare Road during the next 14 weeks of water mains replacement works.

On Tuesday traffic diversions were put in place as work began on the project in Glengormley.

The Ballyclare Road has been closed to traffic coming from the city direction to allow for the work.

There were large scale delays in the town on Tuesday morning, the first full day of the work forcing some staff at Glengormley offices to be late.

NI Water has said the work will help improve an aging and unreliable system in Glengormley and improve supply.

Glengormley Traders’ Association incorporating the Glengormley Chamber of Commerce has said it has fears the work will last longer than expected.

Secretary Nigel Hamilton said: “There are real fears in Glengormley that the work will go on longer than planned and a lot are very anxious about it.

“Car parking is already at a premium in Glengormley and with this work there are concerns people will literally be driven away.”

Mr Hamilton also said there has been continued confusion over the works and exactly what was supposed to happen.

Work was supposed to start a week earlier and when diversions were put in place traders said they were different to what they had been informed would happen with traffic.

Mr Hamilton added: “There are three agencies involved, NI Water and its contractor, the DRD Road service and the police and none of them appear to want to take responsibility and be clear about what is happening.

“We will be monitoring the situation and will be keeping in contact with the contractors to ensure that all that can be done to speed up the work is being done.

“But the main message is that it is very much business as usual in Glengormley.”