80-point plan launched for local town centres

Business news
Business news

The business community in Newtownabbey has been urged to “wake up” to the challenges of the new super council.

That was the message from the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) as it launched its manifesto Local First, for the local government elections in Ballyclare.

The initiative, supported by Danske Bank, details over 80 recommendations for the new council, which is due to take the reins in April 2015.

NIIRTA chief executive and author of the report, Glyn Roberts said: “By and large the local business community inNewtownabbey needs to wake up to the huge challenges and opportunities that the new Council will offer.

“It could be the change-maker for economic development, radically new town centres, innovation and urban regeneration”

“NIIRTA wants to build on its excellent relationship with Ballyclare Chamber of Commerce and other local traders groups and fully support them in developing a enhanced role in shaping the new council’s economic priorities.

“With their enhanced powers this new super councilwill be a vital player in shaping the future of the localeconomy.” and it is essential that the private sector engages with party candidates in this election to ensure that they can hit the ground running when power is transferred in 2015”