Councillor voices his support for Ballyclare traders

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Ballyclare TUV Councillor David Arthurs has vowed to work with the town’s Chamber of Trade in a bid to boost business in the area.

Claiming that footfall in the town has dropped considerably in recent years, he commented: “Some traders are struggling to stay afloat due to a downturn in the number of customers coming into the town. They feel that the closure of shops in the town is not being helped by the fact that the rates set by Newtownabbey Council are not reflective of the trade coming into the town on a daily basis.”

The Antrim and Newtownabbey Council member added: “I want to work with traders in the town to try and get the rates down to reflect the drop off in trade. I want to work with local business and traders and would be more than happy to work with the Chamber of Trade in a bid to resolve this issue.”