Giro proves positive for local traders

Gareth Millar, owner of Millar Estate Agents, Glengormley.
Gareth Millar, owner of Millar Estate Agents, Glengormley.

Businesses in Glengormley saw a huge increase in footfall on Saturday morning as hundreds of people gathered in the town to watch the Giro.

Nigel Hamilton, Secretary of Glengormley Chamber of Commerce and Traders’ Association, confirmed that the organisation will be doing an evaluation in the coming weeks to assess the impact the event had on local businesses. But he said that the initial signs were positive.

“The weather took its toll, but it was a good opportunity to promote the area. Hopefully traders will have benefitted on the day and shoppers will come back and they’ll continue to benefit from the feel good factor in the weeks and months ahead,” he commented.

Gareth Millar from Millar Estate Agents, a member of the Traders’ Association, said it was great to see such a fantastic turnout on Saturday morning, despite the weather.

“It was really good to see so many people out and about in Glengormley boosting the local businesses.

“The lead up to the bike race has been great for the town. The council has been involved in carrying out development work in Glengormley which has really improved the look of the local area. It’s been a big boost for local business, which is much needed, and hopefully it will continue.”

Cllr John Scott, who runs the Twice Is Nice charity shop in Tramways, said that while bars, cafes and restaurants in Glengormley had done well out of the Giro, the wet weather meant that the crowds didn’t hang around for long after the race, meaning shop owners didn’t do as well as they might have had the weather been better.

Businesses in Whiteabbey, many of which embraced the big race by going pink and putting on special offers and events, also benefitted from the Giro as huge numbers of people turned out to cheer the riders along the Shore Road.