Horticulture 2012 event at Greenmount

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The current economy now puts more pressure than ever on commercial horticulture, amenity and landscape businesses to have the latest technical knowledge and practical information for improved efficiency and to facilitate decision making (writes Claire Woods, Greenmount Campus,CAFRE).

This year, the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) is celebrating the centenary of its Greenmount Campus, near Antrim. To mark this historic anniversary, the College is running a one day event on Wednesday 19 September 2012. It will include a programme of technical and business seminars, a trade exhibition, tours and working demonstrations, all under the title of ‘Horticulture 2012’.

What can people involved in landscape and amenity horticulture look forward to at Horticulture 2012?

The event will showcase the latest machinery available from local dealers and suppliers for renovation (verti draining, sand grooving, top dressing and scarifying), drainage and fine turf aeration. There will also be a demonstration to measure pitch performance standards, including the operation of an innovative laser line marker on playing pitches.

Greening of urban areas is a vital component of modern amenity management and at Greenmount, visitors will be able to see a demonstration ‘living wall’ and areas of wild flower planting as fine examples of environmental sustainability and biodiversity. The landscaping sector relies on high quality workmanship to remain competitive, so we are delighted to have World Skills participating, who promote excellence in this area. In association with CAFRE, World Skills will demonstrate landscape construction throughout the day as part of a training camp with industry teams and CAFRE students taking part.

The Richardson’s Walled Garden which was redeveloped just over 10 years ago will be open and the scheduled tours will allow vistors to explore this beautiful and unique resource with the staff responsible.

People will also be able to attend a programme of technical and business seminars targetted at those working in the commercial horticulture, landscape and amenity sectors. The associated trade exhibition offers a tremendous opportunity for visitors to meet suppliers and service providers, from a large number of local and national companies and organisations.

Other tours and demonstrations, scheduled at intervals throughout the day, around the Campus include super fruits, arboriculture, cut flowers, floristry demonstrations and landscape and production facilities.

The ‘Horticulture 2012’ event runs from 11.00am until 9.00pm on Wednesday 19 September 2012. If you would like further information on the programme, please contact CAFRE’s Kieran Lavelle on 07990575893 or email him on kieran.lavelle@dardni.gov.uk or visit, www.dardni.gov.uk/ruralni/index/crops/horticulture_2012