Ireland’s largest pizza oven comes to Glengormley

Julian Simmons joins staff at Hot Igloo for the official opening.
Julian Simmons joins staff at Hot Igloo for the official opening.

With an investment of over £100k and the creation of 20-30 new jobs, Hot Igloo in Glengormley recently opened its doors to offer pizza lovers the chance to enjoy delicious stone baked pizzas from Ireland’s largest wood fired pizza oven.

This exciting new restaurant has been opened by a family team of father, son and grandson, who have specially commissioned this one of a kind oven for the family restaurant.

Manager, David Boyd is excited about what lies ahead. He said: “Our first few weeks have been incredible, it’s a family business and we have all worked very hard to make this dream become a reality.

“The demand is definitely here for a good family style restaurant in the area and we’ve been delighted to have welcomed over 3,000 customers in our first three weeks!”

He added: “Our fierce attention to detail shines through in the delicious meals we serve, especially our stone baked pizzas from our fabulous wood fired oven.

“The sheer scale of our oven means we are capable of creating a one metre pizza for those feeling rather more than peckish.

“Our chef, Michele Francesco Anzellini, originally hails from Sorrento, Italy and over the past 30 years he has worked with a number of great chefs right here in Northern Ireland including Micheal Deane and the Europa’s Gerry Rosado.

“I believe his vast experience is a real bonus for us and his heritage gives us an authentic taste to our meals.”

Children are invited to put on their pizza apron and chef’s hat in order to create their own pizzas, and hungry kids can then watch them bubbling in the pizza oven before enjoying their meal creation.

Each table has its own USB port, where phones and tablets can be charged and plans are in place for the kids dining at Hot Igloo to be provided with tablets, loaded with fantastic apps to play with, keeping them entertained as they wait for their food!

True foodies, health conscious or those with food intolerances will also be catered for as Hot Igloo is creating a series of exciting specialist pizzas from gluten free, organic and healthy pizza options to breakfast pizza’s and hangover cure pizzas even including red bull ice cream for dessert for those that may have indulged a little too much!

Suppliers have all been sourced locally, where possible, as supporting other local small businesses is an important aspect of the organisation, David explains: “We understand the importance of keeping things local and Northern Ireland has a plethora of amazing companies, providing everything we need, from the oils we use, the Gelato we serve and pizza toppings we offer to those creating packaging, signage and design, we’ve been delighted with the level of professionalism and support from other local businesses.”

Hot Igloo will also be offering a take-away and delivery service in the coming weeks and also offers a full menu as well as their speciality pizzas.

The restaurant seats 70 at full capacity and booking is advisable. To make a reservation, call 028 9083 3844 or to find out more information, check out