Call for Housing Executive to complete window replacement scheme


Deputy Mayor Dineen Walker has called on the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to finish the long-awaited window replacement scheme in the Ardmillan Drive area of Rathcoole.

Alderman Walker was speaking after meeting with local residents to discuss the stalled double glazing installation project.

“The double glazed windows replacement scheme has been ongoing in this area since February. There was a hold up around about May/June time while discussions took place on how best to deliver the scheme to the third and fourth floor properties. In August scaffolding was erected and the scheme commenced. But just last week the scaffolding was taken down and removed from the site. A few tenants contacted me because they were told that the scheme had stopped,” the DUP representative explained.

“I contacted the local NIHE office regarding the hold up to the remaining 12 flats and was assured that there was a misunderstanding and that the District Manager would follow up my concerns.

“I have since been informed that there are some tenants in the remaining flats who have not decided yet if they want to be included in the scheme and that a Housing Officer is chasing the matter up.

“I am concerned that this is a government funded scheme, money has already been allocated and the contractor selected.

“The problems relating to this scheme could have been sorted out back in February when the contractor first came on site.

“We are now heading into autumn and I am calling on the NIHE to finish this scheme as soon as possible.”

Responding to Alderman Walker’s concerns, a Housing Executive spokesperson said: “A small number of residents had not indicated to the Housing Executive whether they wanted to be included in the window replacement scheme at Ardmillan Drive flats. As a result, the contractor moved on to another block. The Housing Executive plans to again contact these residents so that the window replacement scheme at Ardmillan can be completed.”