Call for new pedestrian crossing at Church Road

DUP politicians Paula Bradley MLA and Councillor Thomas Hogg have backed residents of Glenmount Manor in their plea for an additional pedestrian crossing to be installed on the Church Road.

The unionist representatives made the call after holding talks with residents in the housing estate.

Residents have said they are concerned with safety in the area and increased traffic problems.

They have also said a crossing will provide better access to the nearby shopping complex.

Councillor Bradley said: “This section of the Church Road is particularly busy and it can be incredibly difficult for local residents to cross the road and access local shops.

“Residents brought this matter to my attention some weeks ago.

“They are very concerned at the danger posed to those crossing the road and have reported a number of near miss traffic collisions recently.”

The North Belfast MLA continued: “Councillor Thomas Hogg and I have made representations to Roads Service regarding this issue and they are now in the process of carrying out a detailed traffic assessment along this stretch of road.

“I am calling on Roads Service to prioritise some form of pedestrian crossing at this location in order to ensure the safety of local residents.”

A Department of Regional Development Roads Service spokeswoman said a pedestrian crossing was being considered but would be subject to funding.

“Roads Service is examining the possibility of providing a pedestrian island at Church Road near Glenmount Road to assist those crossing,” she said.

“However in order to make best use of our limited resources we must assess and prioritise each site individually.

“This scheme will compete with other similar schemes and will be subject to finance becoming available for it.”