Calls for police action to halt anti-social yobs

DISTRICT Policing Partnership members met with PSNI Area Commander Paula Hilman and other senior police officers this week to discuss ongoing anti-social behaviour problems in areas of Carnmoney and Glengormley.

The DPP office and local councillors for the area have received a number of complaints in recent weeks about the escalating level of anti-social incidents in residential areas such as Abernethy, Burnthill and Greenhill.

One local resident who contacted the Times, but did not wish to be named for fear of reprisal, said the activities of the young people were "not high jinks", but intimidating and worrying for those living in the affected areas.

"It started off with young people throwing snowballs on the Burnthill Road and pulling wipers off cars, to a sustained attack on a home in the area," said the caller.

"We are talking about groups of teenagers, around 10 or so at a time, who are wreaking havoc in quiet residential areas and generally making a real nuisance of themselves."

Glengormley councillor Noreen McClelland said that many residents are extremely angry and are demanding urgent police action to halt the mayhem being caused by the lawless yobs - many of whom are coming from neighbouring areas with the intention of causing trouble.

"This type of behaviour is simply not acceptable," the SDLP representative said. "People should be allowed to enjoy the comfort of their own home without being subjected to such appalling behaviour night after night."

Councillor McClelland said that she had raised residents' concerns with the PSNI's Sector Inspector, who assured her that officers are taking steps to try to apprehend the youths responsible.

Chief Inspector Hilman offered an assurance that tackling anti-social behaviour is a policing priority, and thanked local residents for their ongoing assistance in the fight against crime.

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