Cancer survivors back new campaign

Lynne Lynas and her daughter Sarah Lynas are highlighting a new Cancer Research campaign.
Lynne Lynas and her daughter Sarah Lynas are highlighting a new Cancer Research campaign.

A mother and daughter from Carnmoney are helping to highlight a new Cancer Research UK campaign to beat the lethal illness.

The charity has launched the ‘Beat Cancer Sooner’ campaign which aims to raise money to accelerate groundbreaking research and develop cures faster.

Lynne Lynas, 49, from Carnmoney, knows from personal experience just how crucial new discoveries and breakthroughs are to help more people like her survive.

Lynne and her 23-year-old daughter Sarah, both survived cancer and are keen to highlight the power of research in beating cancer and encourage people in Northern Ireland to get involved.

Lynne said: “I know from experience that research can kill cancer. That’s why I’m supporting this vitally important campaign to help Cancer Research UK speed up the advances it is making in the battle against the disease.

“Research has saved both mine and my daughter’s life and so we are incredibly grateful to scientists for the treatments available.”

She continued: “In my case, I owe a lot to the drug herceptin which was only available to me thanks to research.

“Now I want to do everything I can to urge people to fight back against this devastating disease.”

Lynne is encouraging local people to support Cancer Research UK in any way they can, whether it’s making a regular donation, volunteering, or getting involved with an event.

Together with her family who have been involved in fundraising and in flagship events such as Race for Life, Lynne has helped raised more than £2,000 for Cancer Research UK.

She added: “I wanted to give something back which is why it was so important to me to fundraise.

“Success stories like mine would not be possible without the charity’s life-saving work, which in turn relies on everyone who raises money.”

Jean Walsh, Cancer Research UK spokeswoman in Northern Ireland, said: “We receive no government funding for its ground-breaking researc and it’s thanks to our supporters in the Northern Ireland and across the UK, that we have been able to make such good progress.

“But there is still much more to be done. It’s no mean feat to help save a million lives from cancer.

Cancer Research UK is calling on everyone to help beat cancer sooner by collectively taking a million actions against cancer over the coming weeks.

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